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Tax Problems? Get Help with Wage Garnishment: NYC | Bronx | Brooklyn | Queens | Manhattan | Staten Island

Are you at risk of having your wages garnished by the IRS or NY State? Wage garnishment can feel like a nightmare to deal with, particularly if you are already under financial strain, but if you have unpaid tax debt, the IRS and NYS may be getting ready to garnish your wages. Whether you are in NYC, Bronx, Brooklyn Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, or elsewhere in New York state, you want to try to stop wage garnishment before it happens. It is much easier to prevent wage garnishment than it is to stop it once it starts.

Know the Laws and Guidelines Around Wage Garnishment in New York

There are laws and guidelines around how the process of wage garnishment happens but if you aren’t able to stop wage garnishment before it happens, you could lose 10 % of your gross salary or 25% of your disposable income until taxes are paid.

Need help? Ask Uncle Phil’s Tax Advice offers tax advice based on an extensive history of helping thousands of New Yorkers deal with tax woes. Options could include making a payment plan in order to avoid garnishment of wages or a settlement to help you pay less than what you owe. If you make one of these plans and it is accepted, you have to be willing to uphold your end of the bargain. You could be closer than you think to days of tax burdens being behind you.


Get Helpful Tax and Wage Garnishment Advice

Need to know more about the laws, about whether or not you have a good case to prevent or stop wage garnishment, and to get other tax advice for dealing with the IRS? Learn more about Ask Uncle Phil’s Tax Advice, including tax preparation, tax settlements, getting liens removed from your credit history, and more.

IRS collection letters and levies on my paycheck and bank account made my life a┬ánightmare. You explained the possible solutions to my tax problems in plain English. You got the taxman to release my paycheck and remove the levy from my bank account…. Thank you for everything and God bless you!

Carlos Wells

Jamaica, NY, September 2011

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