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Uncle Phil’s Tax Advice is dedicated to one thing – helping Americans put their IRS and tax problems behind them in a way that’s simple, easy and always affordable.


Check out for yourself what people are saying about Uncle Phil’s Tax Advice:

Hi Uncle Phil,

IRS collection letters and levies on my paycheck and bank account made my life a nightmare.

You explained the possible solutions to my tax problems in plain English. You got the taxman to release my paycheck and remove the levy from my bank account. I didn’t even have to take a day off from work to go the office, you handled everything. You let me pay you in easy installments. Thank you for everything and God bless you!

Carlos Wells

Jamaica, NY, September 2011

My world was turned upside down: IRS liens, a levy on my checking account, a levy on my savings account and worst of all, a levy on my paycheck. I didn’t know where to turn. A friend of mine told me about Uncle Phil. Uncle Phil was able to get the IRS to release the levies on my paycheck, my checking and savings accounts. He handled everything. Best of all, he allowed me to pay in easy installments. I was able to get back to the business of living without worrying about the IRS. God Bless you Uncle Phil, for all that you do to help people like me and my family.

Virginia Evans

Amityville, NY

Uncle Phil saved my life.

I hadn’t paid taxes since 9/11; to be honest, even before, on and off.
I got so many of those Intents and Levy correspondence; I had a “tax draw”.

It got so bad; I would wear different wigs, and expected every knock on the door to be IRS. I was living in fear; thinking court, lawyer and jail??

A call from Los Angeles informed me my tax problem had become public record. I’m disable and on medication; to correspond long distance or by fax, internet, etc. was not an option.

I needed someone local. I found Uncle Phil (praise the lord) he saved my life.

We meet in person in an effort to personally gain as much knowledge about the nature of my tax problem and discuss methods of resolution that exist.

Once I become a client Uncle Phil, he alleviated my tax concerns which allowed me to focus my time and energy on my family and my health.

Uncle Phil encourages client interaction:

  • Uncle Phil stopped my levy.
  • Abated my penalties.
  • Made installation agreement in my behalf
  • Made a settlement with the IRS for less than the amount I owed.

Thank you sincerely Uncle Phil! You are my local trusting specialist in extreme tax problems, you changed my life.

I can wear the same wig now for at least a week. Ha Ha, God bless you.

G. Williams


Hello Felix,

It was a pleasure and a privilege working with you and the I.R.S.. You showed a lot of patience and courage about rectifying and resolving my tax problems. You’re very knowledgeable and experienced resolving tax issues. You’re a tax specialist. In the near future, I’ll continue working with you and the I.R.S. resolving tax problems.

I hope you continue to have good health and happiness!

Thank you so much!

P.S. The world’s a whole lot nicer place because of folks like you!

M. Rock

Brooklyn, NY

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