Affordable NYC Tax Debt Help

Uncle Phil's Tax Advice was formed to help people benefit from 30+ years of NYC tax experience. Whether it's setting up a LLC in NYC, tax resolution plans, help stopping wage garnishment, or tax preparation, Uncle Phil's Tax Advice can help. Options include giving you the information and tools to help yourself or let Uncle Phil handle tax woes on your behalf.

How to Get Help with Your Taxes in NYC

You could pay a CPA or a tax attorney to help you with your tax woes but you could also work with Uncle Phil's Tax Advance in NYC instead and save up to 70% off the average cost of services offered by tax attorneys and similar services.

Uncle Phil gets great reviews for helping New Yorkers in a variety of ways, such as:

Business Entity Setup:

Setting up an LLC can protect your personal assets and enable you to run your business in an optimum way from a tax perspective. Learn more about business entity set up and business tax preparation from Uncle Phil.

IRS Problem Resolution:

Do you need to file back taxes? Do you need help with tax preparation for this current year? Are wage garnishment threats coming your way due to unpaid taxes? Uncle Phil can help you review some options to stop wage garnishment and get your taxes paid --- possibly with a settlement for less than what you currently owe.

Many New York residents with tax debt problems don't have the ability to pay a tax lawyer. Uncle Phil has decades of expertise in dealing with the IRS and can help you explore viable options to put your tax problems behind you. Call today.

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