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Affordable IRS Problem Resolution

We know that when the IRS is on your trail, the situation will only get worse if you don’t deliver what they’re after. Whether it’s a series of missing, late or incomplete tax returns, failure to pay the required amount of tax or a disagreement about what’s owed, negotiating effectively with the IRS in order to resolve the situation is vital, before proceeding start to spiral out of control. If you’re struggling to know where to start, or you’re already receiving letters threatening garnishments, liens and more, it’s time to give us a call.

IRS Experts on Your Side

Once we start working on your behalf, we’ll use our extensive experience of working with the IRS to negotiate a suitable solution for your individual circumstances. Whether it’s simply a case of buying more time while we assist in bringing your books up-to-date, or you need a tax repayment arrangement plan, we have the expertise to come up with a suitable solution and implement it for you, preventing things from getting worse. Even if your home or possessions are under threat, we can often save them for you.

We Know How Difficult IRS Problems Can Be

Being on the wrong side of the IRS can be extremely frightening; many of our clients feel caught up in a financial nightmare and can’t see how to sort things out. We know how difficult it can be, particularly if the business isn’t doing so well or you feel you could have done things differently. Our team operates a non-judgmental, supportive and compassionate service that’s dedicated to getting every client the very best possible outcome that we can.

IRS Problem Resolution in New York

We help clients all across New York, including: Queens, New York City, Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Bronx and NYC. If you’ve received yet another unwelcome IRS communication, don’t suffer in silence! Give us a call at (855) 829-8477 to book your FREE consultation or find out more.

We’re Your LOCAL Federal and State Tax Problem Solver

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