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Affordable NYC Tax Debt Help

How Does Tax Resolution in New York Work?

How does tax resolution work? Owing money to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and New York State in back taxes is asking for serious trouble. It may take some time for them to catch up with you, but once they do, relentless efforts will be made to collect the money you owe them.

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Understanding Your Options Concerning Wage Garnishment

Wage garnishment is when a person has money withheld from their paycheck due to a legal ruling by a creditor, or for something like child support or alimony payments, and if this has happened to you, Uncle Phil’s Tax Advice can help in several ways.

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Tax Help is a Phone Call Away

Many people in the US dread the approach of tax day, April 15. A lot of people don’t mind it too much and see filing their tax returns as a civic duty and simply as something that must be done.

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What Is An IRS Or State Wage Garnishment?

If you owe the state of New York or the IRS back taxes, these governmental organizations have the authority to garnish your wages. The IRS and New York must follow certain guidelines. Understanding the rules and procedures can help you prepare, and in some cases, take the proper steps to stop it.

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What Happens If Your Business Owes the IRS or New York State Money?

While everyone would like to receive a tax refund, this only happens in a perfect world. Unfortunately, small businesses frequently owe taxes at the end of the fiscal year, and no matter what the financial situation may be, failing to pay taxes due to either the IRS or the state of New York is not an option.

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